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About NY Recovery

NY Recovery is the leading provider of post-operative and trauma relief DME with a full range of high quality orthopedic and prosthetic products in the tri-state area. Our team of knowledgeable, dedicated staff personalize our services to meet the needs of every patient, caregiver and doctor.

Full Service

It isn't just a buzzword.
We eliminate your hassles so you can focus on patient treatment.


You can rely on us to serve only the best, top of the line orthotics and prosthetics to ensure your patients recovery and comfort.

Our Services

We offer a complete range of prosthetic & orthotic products and solutions to ensure an easy recovery and maximum comfort. All our products are tested and certified and we proudly stand behind them.


Get your life back. Our spinal braces support and stabilize the body from the cervical to the lumbar spine.

Foot & Ankle

Walk with comfort. Use our foot and ankle braces to properly align, support and stabilize your entire body.

Upper Limb

Hands-on support. Immobilize and support your arm, shoulder, elbow or wrist after an injury or surgery.


Kick away knee pain. Knee braces can help compress, stabilize, or support your knees to treat knee pain, injuries, joint disease and more.


Walk right. With proper supportive footwear and shoe accessories you can ensure proper alignment, support and stabilization for increased comfort.


What insurances do you accept?

We proudly accept most insurances in the NY Tri-state area.

Whom do you service?

We service doctors, patients, caregivers, or facilities with prosthetic or othotics needs. If you need a brace for yourself or someone else, we're here to help.

How Do I Wear My Brace Properly?

When you receive your braces there are brochures inside on how to properly use the equipment. You can also contact us during business hours to speak to a representative to further assist you.

What If I Have A Complaint?

You have the right to freely voice grievances and recommend changes in care or services without fear of reprisal or unreasonable interruption of services. Service, equipment, and billing complaints will be communicated to management and upper management. These complaints will be documented in the Medicare Beneficiaries Complaint Log, and completed forms will include your name, address, telephone number, and health insurance claim number, a summary of the complaint, the date it was received, the name of the person receiving the complaint, and a summary of actions taken to resolve the complaint. All complaints will be handled in a professional manner. All logged complaints will be investigated, acted upon, and responded to in writing or by telephone by a manager within a reasonable amount of time after the receipt of the complaint. If there is no satisfactory resolution of the complaint, the next level of management will be notified progressively and up to the president or owner of the company.


“Our facility relies on NY Recovery for all our prostethic and orthotic needs. We trust their products to always be of the highest quality and well supported, and they always come through with the products and service we need.”

-Mackenzie Olson

“After my accident, I was at a loss. NY Recovery has helped me get back to my feet - literally. Their complete line of high-end braces are built for strength and comfort. I would definitely recommend their products.”

-Jerry Ellwood

“NY Recovery has been very knowledgable and helpful. They explained everything precisely and walked me through their products. Dealing with them has been a pleasure.”

-Dr. Sarah Jenkins MD

How to Order

Download our order form to view our products. If you have any questions about any products, feel free to reach out to us to learn more.

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Order submission simplified
  1. Collect all medical records for the items you need to order.
  2. Write a detailed order or prescription for these items and accessories.
  3. To submit your order, fax it along with any necessary documentation to (718) 650-6406 or email it to

If you are unsure how to proceed we will gladly help you. Call or email us and we'll walk you through the steps and any documentation you need.

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